Infection Prevention. Stagnation Prevention. Ligature Prevention. Scald Prevention.

The Total Package in Healthcare Faucets and Showers.

Chicago Faucets + Healthcare showers and faucets are the choice of more medical professionals, building maintenance, and specifying engineers for keeping patients and staff safe.  Planning a new or remodel hospital, clinic, surgery center, or long-term care facility? Let's discuss how the Chicago Faucets line of healthcare innovations is the ideal solution.  Click on the images to see more information on each of our the +Healthcare products! 

Auto-Drain Shower

Shower System

The Auto-Drain Shower System from Chicago Faucets is a first-of-its-kind solution that automatically removes standing water from the column between the valve and the showerhead. The Chicago Faucets automatic drain system is designed to help reduce stagnant water in the valve, pipes, and hoses of the shower system.

Drains integrated into the valve and hand spray hose remove water from the system after each use. The key components of the Auto-Drain system include: Thermostatic Pressure-Balancing Shower Valve, Hose, and Hand Spray. Ideal for new construction or select retrofit kit. Get details

Emergency Eyewash and Touchless Faucet Combination

8450 Series

The 8450 Series is a full-service high clearance faucet with integrated eyewash station that fits on a standard sink and takes up no more space than an ordinary faucet. Design includes a large, one push lever for activation with a completely separate supply line for tepid water.   Available options include touchless, manual, or retrofit faucet. Get details


Electronic Ligature Resistant Faucet

ELR Series
Ligature Resistant Faucets

The ELR is a durable, one-piece, cast brass faucet specifically designed for the needs of a Behavioral Healthcare facility. ELR offers an industry-leading integrated long term power supply for reliable power for years and an ASSE 1070 mixing valve for additional patient safety.  

The ELR series is listed as an approved product with the New York State Office of Mental Health. Get details


HyTronic with CF Connect

HyTronic® for Patient Care Series

The HyTronic for Patient Care is a complete hygienic hand washing faucet for quality centered health environments.  We’ve engineered the HyTronic to help reduce the spread of infection, provide protection against scalding, and prevent the cross-flow of dangerous bacteria from the hot supply into the cold supply and back into the plumbing system. 

Now available with our CF Connect app, which has features like grouping and labeling faucets for water management.  Use it to run the hygiene or pipe flush and eliminate stagnant water from the plumbing system to remove harmful waterborne pathogens.

 Get details

Shower Ligature Resistant Trim

SLR Series
Resistant Trim 

The SLR shower trim package is designed with patient safety in mind. The SLR Series features a complete ADA-compliant shower solution featuring a shower valve with scald protection, a ligature resistant shower handle, escutcheon and shower head.

The SLR series is listed as an approved product with the New York State Office of Mental Health. Get details


eBook  includes: 

✅ Tools and resources to combat HAIs and water-borne pathogens

✅ Up-to-date Joint Commission standards for water management plans for hospitals and healthcare

✅ ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2021 Updates

✅ Water management solutions

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